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It’s about you:
your home, your brand, your business,
your heartbeat.

These spaces are the backdrops to your life from the big moments to the everyday hustle and everything in between.

We design narrative-driven spaces that intentionally
Inspire, Nurture + Elevate daily living.

We love to tell your story.

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At Adriana Pietropaolo Design we believe that the best spaces are ones designed for living. Whether it's your home, an office, a hotel guestroom or your favourite restaurant. These spaces should evoke a profound and personal experience through design, from their flow and design features right down to tangible accessories.

APD’s design approach places function, aesthetics, and experience on an equal pedestal. We design narrative-driven interiors that Inspire, Nurture and Elevate everyday living.

APD is a down-to-earth and approachable studio who strongly believes in kindness, communication, and transparency throughout the entire design process. APD is committed to leading you every step of the way while achieving your interior goals.


APD is a design studio located in Toronto, working within the city and the surrounding GTA.

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