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Project Howland

a story of pragmatic play

The homeowners have a love for graphic novels and illustrations and at heart are very straightforward and pragmatic personalities where function, form and colour needed to be intentional with every design stroke. Pulling from the bold colours, texutres and black outlines in comic books we created a design that featured pattern play, saturated colours and simple forms.

Inspired by the technical discipline + colour graphics of illustrated comic books, the interior design balances high-function and unique style that supports daily routines while bringing aesthetic joy. This is achieved through a utilitarian design approach with strategic integration of saturated colours, graphic patterns, and a mix of natural finishes with modern materials.


Full-Service Interior Design for Powder Room Addition, Kitchen Island Reno + Furnishing

Multi-generational client seeking to add powder room and revamp kitchen layout and function to help support their daily lifestyle and group gatherings.

Interior Design

Adriana Pietropaolo Design

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