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Project Telegram Mews

Project feature in 2022 House & Home


Downtown Toronto Condo Kitchen Renovation + Furniture Refresh


Our Client came to us wanting to create a more functional, contemporary and warm kitchen/gathering space that supported their day-to-day WFH living, their increased time in the kitchen since the pandemic, and still be able to comfortably host family and friends around a communal table. In addition to integrating contemporary and soft finishes into the entire kitchen, the biggest transformation for the Client was the creation of the feature double-height island that provides ample prep space, a buffet spread and cocktail surface, and has comfortable and flexible dining height curvature table that supports those working-from-home moments and gathering together for a meal.

Interior Design + Styling + Flat Lay

Adriana Pietropaolo Design


Niamh Barry


Full-Service Design

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